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Mobile Woodfired Pizza Catering

Mobile Pizza Catering - Made At Your Location

Nothing excites the tastebuds like the sound and smell of a sizzling woodfired pizza as it come out of the mobile pizza oven.  You can treat your guests to this at your home or venue when you get mobile Pizza Catering for your event.

Amore Woodfired Oven Catering comes to you.  We don't pre-cook our pizzas, we make them fresh in front of your guests using premium bases and premium fresh toppings.   The flames and smells from our woodfired oven enhances the atmosphere of your event and builds excitement as the food is prepared.

Why Woodfired Pizza?

Lets face it, everyone loves great pizza and there are good reasons why a woodfired pizza is so much better than a pizza cooked in a gas or electric oven (don't even suggest microwave!). 

  1. A woodfired pizza is charred and flavoured differently.  Gas and electric ovens cook with direct heat as the elements heat up and heat your food. A wood fired pizza oven's dome traps heat and heats indirectly at high temperatures.  This results in a beautiful charred crust and a smoky flavor that is not possible in other ovens.
  2. Woodfired Pizzas are more authentic: The AVPN (True Neapolitan Pizza Association or Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana) publishes rules about what constitutes an authentic Neapolitan pizza. Only pizzas cooked in a Wood fired pizza oven can qualify as authentic Italian pizza.
  3. Because a woodfired oven radiates heat from the dome, the pizza cooks faster and more evenly. The dough is cooked to the perfect texture — crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside.
  4. When toppings are cooked faster they crisp on the outside but retain more moisture and flavour.  Vitamins and nutrients retain their integrity so you really can tell your mum you are eating healthier!!

When Amore provided Woodfired Catering for your event you can choose standard and premium pizzas from our extensive woodfired pizza menu and we provide gluten free and vegan options as well.

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